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Chairman of Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group Xie Bing came to Huai to participate in the signing ceremon
25 June 2020

On August 9, Xie Bing, chairman of Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group and chairman of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical, and his entourage visited Huaihe and participated in the signing ceremony of the implementation of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical Biomedical Project.

On the afternoon of the 9th, Xie Bing and his party, accompanied by the general manager of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical Zhu Yong and other company leaders, came to Suhuai High-tech Zone to inspect the wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical under construction-Jiangsu Runan Raw Materials Pharmaceutical production base. Chairman Xie Bing listened to the reports of the deputy general manager Shen Jinshan and other project leaders, and learned in detail the construction progress, plant layout, production planning, environmental protection safety, development planning and other conditions of Runan Pharmaceutical, and gave the construction and planning of the project. Fully affirmed. On the evening of the 9th, Vice Mayor Gu Kun hosted a banquet to entertain Chairman Xie Bing, Director Sha Jie of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Secretary Zhong Fengbi of the Qingjiangpu District Committee, and Zhang Xiao, the mayor of the district, and other leaders attended the dinner. .